GIST TechConnect: Startups and Corporations: Strategic Partnerships and Investments

When: Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2020 at 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM EST

Watch Online: GIST TechConnect Website

Languages: English Only


Large corporations play an integral part in the startup ecosystem. If you’re building a brand new company, they can be potential customers, R&D partners, manufacturers, investors, competitors, and of course, acquirers. Strategic Partnerships and investments by corporations can help provide startups with capital, infrastructure, networks, and resources needed to take their venture to the next level. However, understanding how startups should engage corporations, what will capture their interests, and how they define success is critical to ensuring the relationship is mutually beneficial. Join us on Tuesday, February 18th at 7:00 PM EST for this important program. We'll be taking your online questions live for our panel of expert speakers.


Kevin Gordon Barrow (Moderator)
Founder & CEO, Mark Labs

Kevin Gordon Barrow is the Founder & CEO of Mark Labs, a software company that helps organizations effectively manage the risk associated with funding social impact projects. Prior to embracing his inner social entrepreneur, Kevin earned his stripes in the fields of law (GE), banking (ABN AMBRO), and management consulting (Deloitte and Booz Allen Hamilton). Kevin completed his higher education in the UK, earning an Honours Law Degree from Durham and an MBA from Oxford. He is an avid reader, lover of Sufi poetry, and an aspiring surfer.

Yisel Cabrera
Community Relations Manager, Ford Motor Company Fund

As Community Relations Manager at the Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services in Washington, D.C., Yisel Cabrera is responsible for developing and directing philanthropic, charitable, and community relations programs that meet the goals of the Ford Motor Company Fund and the Ford Motor Company. She is also responsible for overseeing all projects undertaken and proposed in Operation Better World cities and maintaining relationships with community leaders to confirm Ford’s commitment to the enhancement of quality of life in the communities it serves. Yisel is a native of Cuba and was raised in Miami, FL.

Keith Loeber
Director, Student Developer Programs, Microsoft

Keith Loeber is currently the Director of the Student Developer audience offers and programs team at Microsoft. He and his team oversee the strategy and programs for building engagement and skills in student developers in support of their career goals—whether as innovators, corporate developers, or entrepreneurs. As a 24-year Microsoft veteran, Keith has spent the last several years managing academic teams and programs, with the majority of his career focused on technical training and certification for both internal employees and Microsoft customers. In addition to training and certification, Keith has led IT support teams and has offered assistance to customers using Microsoft technologies. His passion for lifelong learning and customer service excellence expands outside of his day job—in addition to Microsoft, Keith has taught continuing education computer classes, local community classes, and coached a secondary school soccer team.

Andrew Ryscavage MA, MBA
Strategy Consultant, Monitor Deloitte

Andrew is a strategy consultant at Deloitte and a former scientist with over 20 years of experience in innovation, strategy, technology, and organizational development. Andrew leads strategic planning and implementation efforts focusing on innovation and market disruption with biotechnology companies (including startups), health systems, non-profits, and various federal agencies including the National Institutes of Health and Food and Drug Administration. Andrew previously served as a science diplomat for the Department of State and the National Institutes of Health, bridging public policy and life science business strategy. He focused his efforts on public-private policies that foster a start-up environment. He has negotiated agreements between the U.S. and Portugal around health and science collaboration and training.

Michael Hauser
Investor and startup mentor

Michael Hauser is an investor, mentor, business-builder, and strategist with a passion for growth and transformation. His 20-plus years of experience span leadership roles at startups, scaleups, and large companies across consumer, business, and government markets in P&L leadership; strategy and market development; business incubation and acceleration, and venture capital roles. Michael most recently helped build HorizonX, Boeing's B2B incubator & accelerator. He led their Industry 4.0 venture capital investments along with internal innovation infrastructure and global startup accelerators before taking a break to focus on the next big things.

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