2020 U.S. Elections: Regional Live Chats with Q&A

DATE: November 3


Middle East & North Africa (Arabic) - 12:00pm EST: interactive.america.gov/2020uselections-nea

Western Hemisphere (English) - 7:30pm EST: interactive.america.gov/2020uselections-wha-english

Western Hemisphere (Spanish) - 8:30pm EST: interactive.america.gov/2020uselections-wha-spanish

East Asia & the Pacific (English) - 10:00pm EST: interactive.america.gov/2020uselections-eap


Election Day in the United States is on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. Please join us for a series of virtual discussions on the U.S. electoral process featuring expert political analysts. There are a total of four programs covering three regions of the world. Above you'll see a list of the streaming pages and start times for each program. Click on the links to see more information about the programs including an overview of what will be discussed, speaker bios, and other details. The programs will take place throughout the day and evening of November 3 (with the exception of East Asia/Pacific program which will be morning local time on November 4th). Don’t forget to mark your calendar for what will surely be a series of lively discussions! These virtual programs are organized by the U.S. Department of State, the Office of the U.S. Speaker Program in the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, and the Interactive Office in the Bureau of Global Public Affairs.