In ‘Hindsight 2020: The Impact of an Expanded Electorate,’ Dr. Carolyn Jefferson-Jenkins discusses the prominent role of women and people of color in the U.S. 2020 election and the new U.S. administration as the result of years of struggle and activism to expand voter rights and promote diverse voter participation and political representation. The program will stream to this page. 

Dr. Carolyn Jefferson-Jenkins served as the first African American president of the League of Women Voters. During her time leading the organization she focused on increasing voter participation, campaign finance reform, and health care for underserved populations. Jefferson-Jenkins continues to be an advocate and activist for civil rights, social justice, educational excellence, and stronger citizen participation in the electoral process. She serves on numerous boards and advises community based organizations including Howard University’s Women Ambassadors Program. She also has contributed to numerous journals and books on election reform.