AGOA and the Future


Date/time: Wednesday, Aug. 14 at 8:00am – 9:15am EDT (Washington, DC time)


A virtual program that will explain “the ABCs of AGOA,” how it is a vital tool for strengthening trade and investment, and how businesses can best utilize it to increase their exports. A brief explainer for entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in Africa on how they can benefit from the important trade legislation. Experienced Africa-based entrepreneurs will also provide their tips and strategies for scaling businesses, expanding to new markets, as well as share their success stories working in a variety of sectors and product lines.

Embassies & American Spaces participating in the program:

  • Abuja, Nigeria
  • Accra, Ghana
  • Lusaka, Zambia
  • 6 American Spaces in Nigeria (watching off-camera). Bauchi, Calabar, Ibadan, Jos, Kano, and Sokoto)


  • Krishma Nayee – Founder/owner of Zaamroot, a Zambia-based health food exporting company. She and her company have experience exporting through AGOA. She will be joining from Embassy Lusaka.
  • Judith Mwila – Zambia AWEP VP. Judith is passionate about AGOA and economic empowerment. She will join from Embassy Lusaka.
  • Vital Sounouvou – Founder and CEO at Exportunity Group. 2014 YALI Fellow with AGOA experience. He’s based in Benin, but works across different countries. Vital will join the program from Austin, Texas.
  • Yaganoma Baatuolkuu – Founder and managing director of Wanjo Africa, a food processing company. She’s a 2016 YALI Fellow. Yaganoma will talk about her experience growing her company and mentoring. She will be joining from Embassy Accra.
  • Moderator: Elizabeth Pelletreau – Deputy Director, Office of Economic and Regional Affairs, Bureau of African Affairs, U.S. Department of State. Elizabeth will be joining from Washington, DC.